EIT 8.2 Advanced Course Building Automation with KNX

EIT 8.2 Advanced Course Building Automation with KNX


With the supplementary equipment, the following topics are dealt with:

Monitoring system

  • Commissioning of the safety terminal (4 channel)
  • Arming device
  • optical and acoustic evaluation of the messages
  • Window, door and bolt switch contacts

Air conditioning control

  • Commissioning room thermostat and fan coil actuator
  • Heating control for room temperature
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Ventilation control 3-stage

Weather station

  • Collection of weather data via sensors
  • Control of the blinds depending on the weather data
  • Alarm messages and notes

Automatic lighting control

  • Use and functionality of presence and motion sensors
  • brightness sensors

Operation and visualization

  • Commissioning of a touch panel
  • Programming the touch panel
  • Graphical display on the touch panel

Logic functions

  • Application