EGT 7 Industrial electricity distribution

EGT 7 Industrial electricity distribution

The wiring installation training system "Industrial electricity distribution" is a multimedia training project for the following topics:

  • Components of an industrial electricity distribution system along with characteristic parameters
  • Commissioning and testing of functionality for industrial distribution systems
  • Industrial electricity distribution, circuit diagrams and documentation
  • Testing of protective measures in compliance with DIN VDE or DGUV standards

With the help of different software programs, the various steps in the learning process are carried out in a way which closely follows authentic practice. Educational training software provides a hierarchical, structured guide which increases the amount of content which students can learn on their own.

The training objectives are structured in the following way:

  • Training project overview
  • Energy supply, distribution of electricity
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Measures to protect against electric shock
  • Familiarity with various operating appliances
  • Electricity networks
  • Short circuits, shorts to frame, shorts to ground
  • Testing an electrical system in compliance with currently applicable standards (DIN VDE, DGUV)
  • Testing TN systems
  • Design and function of various RCDs
  • Testing of various RCDs, in particular for industrial use
  • Insulation measurement, earth loop measurement, loop resistance measurement
  • Testing of rotating field, protective earth measurement, equipotential bonding measurement
  • Lightning and excess voltage protection
  • Documentation, handover and test report conforming to DGUV standards