ESM 8 Smart Building Emobility (EU)

ESM 8 Smart Building Emobility (EU)

Whether at home, at work, in retail stores, in underground parking facilities or in the hospitality industry, wallboxes are a safe and reliable EV recharging solution suitable for every application case. Using interfaces and bus systems, the Wallbox can be integrated into an energy management system. It is possible to connect the Wallbox to a smart home or a photovoltaic system with storage or to a smart meter system. The electrical safety of the charging infrastructure must be certified by the operator at regular intervals. This equipment is used to train personnel on how to inspect such hardwired charging infrastructure along with the portable charging cable.

Training content:

Permanently connected charging infrastructure

  • Training project, general overview
  • Adaptation of charging infrastructure to the upstream installation
  • Electrical hazards
  • Protective measures against electric shock
  • Selection of components for charging infrastructure systems
  • Charging modes for e-vehicles
  • Testing of electrical charging stations in compliance with currently applicable standards
  • Preparing a test report
  • Setting up communication with the wallbox
  • Putting the system into operation and setting the parameters with the app
  • Setting up various interfaces, WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, RS485
  • Troubleshooting wallboxes
  • Documentation, hand-over and test report

Portable charging infrastructure

  • Training project, charging cable
  • Selection of the appropriate charging cable for the respective application
  • Relationship between cross-section, charging current and line coding
  • Plug variants for charging cables
  • Inspection and testing of charging cables as a portable device
  • Use of emergency charging cables
  • Special characteristics of testing emergency charging cables as a portable device
  • Preparing test reports for charging cables