UniTrain courses  

UniTrain courses  

Plenty of multimedia courses are available for the UniTrain system in the areas of electrical engineering and electronics. Each of the courses consists of the training program, specific circuitry on one or more experiment cards and a browser (LabSoft) for the control, management and display of the training course. UniTrain courses convey practical skills by providing a theoretical basis then guiding students through numerous experimental measurements. Experiment cards are linked to the Interface and the training program via Experimenters. With the help of virtual instruments and power sources included with the system, circuits can be analysed and results of measurements stored directly within the training program.



  • Experiment cards with specific circuits and components allowing the measurements in the course to be made as well as permitting unguided experimentation.

  • Simple set-up: simply insert into the Experimenter

  • Experiment cards connected to the system via UniTrain bus

  • Modifiable, open experiment set-up on experiment cards allow experiments to be started quickly

  • Points for measurement all made available via 2-mm sockets

  • Systematic fault simulation, faults can be switched on and off by relays via the UniTrain bus

  • Industry-standard circuits, highly relevant to modern practice

  • Supplied in hard case for transport and storage



  • Interactive, HTML-based multimedia courses to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills

  • Theory, experimental procedure, evaluation, fault simulation and sample solutions

  • Animations, graphics and images to explain theory and experiment set-ups

  • All courses may be edited using an HTML editor

  • LabSoft: browser with menu, navigation and display windows for display and conduct of all UniTrain courses

  • Virtual instruments (VIs) are made available for real-time measurement or for generating output signals.

  • Navigation to any point within the course

  • User-specific documentation, evaluation and storage of experimental results

  • Management of courses, users and user groups

  • Optional integration of circuit simulator, course editor, etc. into the menu structure.

  • Self-designed courses may be integrated and displayed

  • Languages: D, GB, F, E (others available on request)