Item No.: SO4001-3H

Software SCADA Viewer

The 'SCADA Viewer' is a software program used for the control and monitoring of power engineering systems. With the software it is possible to display all measured values and operating states inside the system in real time on the existing measuring instruments. Important parameters and signals can be controlled by the software.

The measured values and operating states of the equipment can be selected, recorded and plotted over time, evaluated and then exported.

Using the 'SCADA Viewer' projects in power engineering are not only made transparent but readable.

Software functions:

  • Display of measured values and operating states in real time
  • Plotting of measured values over time in diagrams
  • Processing, analyzing and exporting of diagrams
  • The SCADA viewer contains more than 20 predefined projects
  • Many projects designed with the SCADA designer can be individually expanded at will