Item No.: SO2800-3P

Interactive Lab Assistant: Renewable Energies Hybrid System

The experiment instructions come in the form of an Interactive Lab Assistant course. This multimedia course is a step-by-step guide through the topic of modern energy systems. The fundamentals are conveyed using easy to understand animations. The Interactive Lab Assistant in conjunction with the SCADA Viewer constitutes a comfortable experimenting environment.

Special features:

  • Interactive experiment setups
  • Measured values and diagrams can be stored in the experiment instructions per drag and drop
  • The SCADA Viewer can be started directly from the experiment instructions
  • Includes questions with feedback and evaluation logic for progress monitoring
  • Documents can be printed out for hardcopy of experiment instructions including solutions
  • Labsoft browser, course software and SCADA Viewer

Training contents:

  • Fundamentals of photovoltaics
  • Efficiency of the system components
    • Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
    • Island system
    • Grid parallel operation
    • Uninterruptible power supply UPS
    • Energy flow in grid-connected operation
    • Hybrid system optimised for self-consumption
  • Fundamentals of wind energy
  • Microgrid with small wind turbine
    • Efficiency of the charge controller wind power plant
    • Energy flow in the microgrid
  • Course duration 8 h approx.