• Power Engineering | Smart Grid | Micro Grid

Power Engineering | Smart Grid | Micro Grid

Training systems on the generation, distribution and management of electrical energy:

  • Power engineering training system, distribution training system
  • Energy generation training system, renewable energy generation training system
  • Transformer training system, high-voltage transmission lines training system, protective systems training system
  • Energy management training system, smart grid training systems


The Lucas-Nülle training systems have been designed in anticipation of the newest developments:

  • Smart measuring instruments provided with various communication interfaces (e.g. LAN, RS485, USB) and control elements
  • SCADA Power Engineering Lab software for the intelligent control and evaluation of "smart grids" using Soft PLC
  • SCADA software designed for educational purposes
  • Permits investigation of dynamically alternating loads and power generation inside the laboratory
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Modular integration of renewable energies into a smart grid using protective engineering
  • Wind power plant with doubly-fed asynchronous generator (DFIG) and synchronisation to the grid
  • Interactive multimedia training course