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Training concepts for renewable energies and integration into smart grids.
Classical power generation and distribution.

Renewable Energies

Smart Grid | Impression

Smart Grid Training System | Product Presentation

Smart Grid Training Systems - Overview

Wind Power Plant Training System - Product Presentation

Professional Photovoltaic Training System - Product Presentation

Hybrid System with Renewable Energies - Product Presentation

Smart Grid with Matlab Simulink - Product Presentation

Insight Micro Grids

Insight Micro Grids (Part 1/5) - The Future of Power Grids

Insight Micro Grids (Part 2/5) - Configuration of the automatic synchronization

Insight Micro Grids (Part 3/5) - Island operation mode

Insight Micro Grids (Part 4/5) - Parallel operation mode

Insight Micro Grid (Part 5/5) - Expanding the micro grid with a wind power plant

Insight Renewable Energies

NORDLINK – Emulation of Renewable Energy Exchange via HVDC between Countries in the Laboratory

NEXTGRID: Grid forming and following control

NEXTGRID: Innovative PHIL for Grid Forming Converter Control Research

OPAL-RT Learning Journey: Innovative PHIL for Grid Forming Converter Control Research

Photovoltaic Power Engineering | Webinar

Micro Grid Photovoltaic Training System Power Engineering | Webinar

Support Videos for Power Engineering

Protection Relay Configuration (EUL) | How to

Solar rack (CO3208-1Y) | Assembly

Using the solar panel outdoor (CO3208-1X) - How to

Assembly of the battery storage system from SONNEN - How to