Item No.: SO2001-5A

LabSoft Classroom Manager 6 software suite, single license

LabSoft Classroom Manager is a comprehensive set of administration software for the UniTrain system and all LabSoft courses. Classroom Manager comprises the following independent program components:

  • LabSoft Manager: Administration of students and courses in LabSoft
  • LabSoft Reporter: Student reports and statistics
  • LabSoft Editor: Creation and editing of courses and tests
  • LabSoft Questioner: Creation of questions, measuring exercises and sets of questions for courses and tests
  • LabSoft TestCreator: Automatic generation of tests on the basis of sets of questions
  • LabSoft ControlCenter: Supervisors can view and allocate what various LabSoft training groups see on screen
  • LabSoft TableEdit: Creation of tables and graphs for recorded measurements



  • Ease of use of all programs thanks to graphical user interface in all component programs
  • For use in local area networks or on stand-alone PC
  • Ease of installation
  • No additional database software required
  • Access control via USB dongle
  • Available languages: CS, DE, EN, ES, FR, RU, PT, ZH,  LO


LabSoft Manager:

  • Administration of LabSoft network installation
  • Administration of an unlimited number of students and courses in LabSoft
  • Addition, deletion and editing of courses and tests in LabSoft
  • Addition, deletion and editing of students and student data
  • Addition, deletion and editing of student groups (classes)
  • Assignment of students to classes
  • Activation of team function in LabSoft
  • Assignment of courses and tests to students or classes


LabSoft Reporter:

  • Electronic monitoring of student progress
  • Graphical presentation of progress in courses and tests
  • Presentation of student or group results
  • Reports on courses, tests, single users or classes
  • Summary of results and time
  • Export of data to clipboard or file
  • Display and printing of tests which have been taken with the candidate’s original answers
  • Multiple search options for students, classes, courses or tests


LabSoft Editor:

  • HTML editor for easy to use editing of LabSoft courses
  • Editing of course pages
  • Wizard for creation of new courses and course pages
  • Automatic inclusion of new courses in an existing LabSoft installation
  • Automatic creation of IMS-compatible navigation tree without the need for programming knowledge
  • Moving course pages within the navigation tree at the click of a mouse
  • Editing in WYSIWYG mode
  • HTML view and page preview
  • Insertion of graphics, animations and tables
  • Insertion of test questions
  • Page templates for a variety of page types


LabSoft Questioner:

  • Program for creating and editing questions, practical measuring exercises and sets of questions (question files) for electronic evaluation
  • Easy creation of exercises and questions for courses and tests
  • 7 different types of question: single and multiple choice, missing text, assignment, matrices, arbitrary text, selection of images
  • Ability to input meta data (points, time for questions, difficulty, required resources, etc.)
  • Easy specification of tolerances for practical measuring exercises
  • Changes to the assessment criteria for courses or tests (including after the test has been taken)


LabSoft TestCreator:

  • Program for automatically creating electronic tests from sets of questions (question files)
  • Automatic and manual selection of questions and measuring exercises
  • Filter functions (e.g.: type of question, difficulty) for pre-selection of questions
  • Automatic generation of tests according to a set time or number of questions
  • Various test options: arbitrary order of questions in a test, immediate display of results after completion
  • Automatic registration of tests in LabSoft
  • Preview function showing the test as created


LabSoft ControlCenter

  • This program allows supervisors to view, allocate and control what various active LabSoft users see on screen via network interconnection
  • View of screens as currently seen by LabSoft users
  • Display of user progress: number of pages completed and questions answered (right and wrong) in a course
  • Full-screen view and remote control (via mouse) of individual screen contents
  • Allocation of screen views allowing users to see what is on other LabSoft users’ screens
  • Display of requests for help from LabSoft users


LabSoft TableEdit:

  • Program for generating tables of values plus graphs, charts and diagrams for the purpose of measurements made in practical experiments using LabSoft platform
  • Automatic plotting of tabulated measurement data in graphs
  • Up to 7 Y-axes so that various measurement variables can be plotted on the same graph
  • Various display options for measurements (points, lines, levels and more)



  • CD-ROM with LabSoft Classroom Manager
  • 1 USB-dongle for operation of program


System requirements:

  • Server or PC with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
  • Minimum 200 MB free disk space
  • 1 free USB-port for USB-dongle
  • Local network for use of ControlCenter program