Item No.: ST8033-1A

Cockpit power supply duct for 3HU inserts to match 1500mm SybaPro tables, 276 PU

Low profile power channel (console fitting) only 133mm high for 19" 3HU inserts

  • Base and lid made of anodised E6/EV1 extruded aluminium profiles

  • Sides are made of painted sheet steel (colour (RAL7047)

  • The console power channel includes a power supply bus equipped with 5-pole high power quick-release IP20 safety plugs conforming to DIN EN 61984:2009

  • The channel can be mounted at any height between the extruded aluminium profiles of the tables

  • The channel accommodates up to 23 x 12PU(276PU)

  • The channel can be used with any table

  • Dimensions: 1430 x 133 x 230mm (WxHxD)