IPA Virtual

IPA Virtual

IPA Virtual is a PC-based, graphic simulation system, which provides the virtual learning environment for the Industrial Process Automation IPA1 training system. The software includes two variations of the model.

The first variant is a so-called stand-alone version, in which the model operates with integrated closed-loop controllers and functions without any external control or software. The plotter incorporated into the program can record step responses and from these it is possible to derive parameters for the controllers. These parameters can then be tested using the in-built controllers without the need to use any additional software.

In the second version, the virtual model is programmed using Step 7, exactly as an authentic station would be. The virtual model can then be controlled using software called PLCSIM.

The system covers all relevant areas from commissioning the compact workstation all the way to control loop optimisation. The program developed to operate the simulation system can be uploaded to work directly with the real compact station.
The following process control technology models are integrated into the simulation system:

  • Automatic pressure control

  • Automatic flow-rate control

  • Automatic filling level control

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Automatic cascade control of filling level