EEM 2-1 DC machines 1kW

EEM 2-1 DC machines 1kW

In spite of their declining use for industrial purposes DC machines constitute the basis for learning about electrical machines. They demonstrate in a straight-forward manner the various possibilities of open- and closed-loop control of machines.
The following training objectives are dealt with for shunt-wound, series-wound and compound-wound machines:

Motor operation:

  • Motor connection
  • Comparison of shunt-wound, series-wound and compound-wound machines
  • Typical machine data
  • Open-loop speed control with starter and field regulator
  • Reversing the rotation direction
  • Load characteristics at constant input voltage
  • Measurement evaluations

Generator operation:

  • Generator connection
  • Armature voltage as a function of the exciter current
  • Function and application of the field regulator
  • Voltage control, self-excitation and separate excitation
  • Armature current and armature voltage at constant speed and constant exciter current
  • Load diagram of the generator