Item No.: SO5153-8D

Switching hydraulics - troubleshooting, manual operation for students

The exercise book is coordinated with the equipment set. It builds on the contents of the "Switching hydraulics - manual actuation" equipment set and goes into greater depth on the topics of commissioning and troubleshooting.
The exercises and tasks described convey basic information and procedures. The structure is uniform and explains step-by-step how to perform the individual exercises.

Learning document

  •     Exercises: independent completion of calculations and measured value tables, etc.

Learning content
Through logically structured, practical exercises, the learner should:

  •     understand physical laws of hydraulics such as pressure difference, opening cross-section and volume flow,
  •     get to know and apply the legal requirements and safety regulations,
  •     understand the function of basic hydraulic circuits,
  •     systematic troubleshooting, get to know different types of faults (adjustment faults, system faults).