Hydraulics with UniTrain

Hydraulics with UniTrain

The courses teach the basic principles of hydraulics and electrohydraulics. Many proven experiments are used to clearly illustrate the operation and design of hydraulic and electrohydraulic control systems.

Course content

  • Basic principles of hydraulics/electrohydraulics
  • How to read hydraulic and electrical schematic diagrams
  • Operation of single- and double-acting cylinders
  • Latching control systems
  • Operation of various directional control valves
  • Basic circuits with AND/OR logic
  • Basic circuits with self-locking
  • Displacement-dependent control systems
  • Preparation of displacement-time graphs
  • Time-dependent control systems, with pull-in and drop-out delay
  • Sequence control systems and sequence chains
  • Relay logic control systems
  • Programmable logic controllers

UniTrain multimedia courses on fluid power provide knowledge and skills necessary for understanding, controlling, operating and maintaining fluid power systems. With the aid of animations and numerous practical experiments using realistic systems, the various courses work through the basics, principles and properties of components in fluid power systems.

Supplementary virtual instruments in LabSoft for the courses "Pneumatics / Electropneumatics" and "Hydraulics / Electrohydraulics"

  • Function block editor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Path-Time diagram