PBC 11 Pneumatics training system

PBC 11 Pneumatics training system

Technical know-how and solutions expertise in industrial applications flow seamlessly into the modular training systems of Lucas-Nülle. Comprising hardware as well as interactive multimedia courses (ILA), they provide practical knowledge. Via the USB interface, the hardware can be directly controlled from the multimedia course, the interactive schematic diagram editor can be opened, and the measurement values can be recorded at all times. The training systems are perfectly matched to the qualification levels of industry and education institutions.

To provide instruction and advanced training in pneumatics, Lucas-Nülle offers you a range of workstations with the patented “snap-in” clamping system as well as a variety of study topics. Students will find the standard components used on the workstation again in their professional career in machinery and plant equipment.

The pneumatics training set schemes is suitable for training objectives and contents for vocational and advanced professional training of technicians . It covers the fundamentals of pneumatics based on authentic industrial products.

Project exercises:

  • Direct control, single-acting cylinder, extending
  • Direct control, single-acting cylinder, retracting
  • Indirect control, single-acting cylinder
  • Velocity control, single-acting cylinder
  • Quick moving back, single-acting cylinder
  • Direct control, double-acting cylinder with button
  • Indirect control, double-acting cylinder
  • Velocity control, double-acting cylinder
  • Control of double-acting cylinders, pulse valve, 2 manual buttons
  • Distance dependent control of double-acting cylinders, pulse valve
  • Control of double-acting cylinders, pulse valve, 2 reflex  nozzles
  • Stop control, double-acting cylinder, 5/3 directional valve, pulling load
  • Pressure-dependent control, 1 double-acting cylinder
  • Time-dependent control, 1 double-acting cylinder
  • Connection control with shuttle and two-pressure valves
  • Signal control, 2 double-acting cylinders, without signal overlapping
  • Sequence control, 2 double-acting cylinders, signal  overlapping, roller levers with idle return
  • Sequence control, 2 double-acting cylinders, signal overlapping, switchover valve
  • Grafcet