EEM 5.1-3 Synchronous machines 300W

EEM 5.1-3 Synchronous machines 300W

Synchronous machines are primarily deployed as generators supplying electrical power. For this purpose, their power levels can reach up to approx. 2000 MVA. Additional application areas include large-scale drives for cement mills and conveyor belt systems with power levels in the megawatt range. Highly dynamic servos with permanently excited rotor rounds off the scope of synchronous machines. In contrast to asynchronous (induction) machines, the rotor here runs synchronously with the rotating field.

Training contents:

Motor operation:

  • Motor connection
  • Starting
  • Phase-shifter operation
  • Load characteristics in motor operation
  • V characteristics
  • Stability limits
  • Underexcitation and overexcitation

Generator operation:

  • Generator connection
  • Setting the voltage via the excitation current
  • Load characteristics in generator operation