Item No.: SO2801-3H

Interactive Lab Assistant: Building intercom systems

Multimedia experiment software with virtual instruments, instructions and documentation of results for topic of "building intercom systems".

  • Interactive experiment set-ups
  • Questions with feedback and evaluation logic for monitoring student progress
  • Printable document for easy printing of instructions and solutions
  • Available in German, English, French and Spanish. Additional languages available on request
  • CD-ROM with Labsoft browser, course software and supplementary software for external measuring instruments

The "Building intercom systems" course teaches how to set parameters and use of simple building intercom systems.

Training contents:

  • Knowledge of communication using building intercom systems
  • Use and configuration of building intercom systems
  • Creating circuit diagrams for single and multiple apartment buildings
  • Assembling and testing various circuits
  • Installation of extended system combining control of stairway lighting
  • Installation instructions
  • Documentation
  • Course duration: 8 hours