ESM protective measures conforming to VDE/EN standards

ESM protective measures conforming to VDE/EN standards

The systems for training in protective measures provide ideal support for theoretical and practical instruction, i.e. skills from both these areas are imparted here. Here it is possible to investigate the effects of dangerous conditions, which would be forbidden in practice, without any risks. In addition, the models depict the design and principles of original components and allow for training of important techniques and procedures. The main topics are organised hierarchically, as follows:

  • Standards and terms pertaining to protection technology

  • Network systems (for instance, TN, TT, IT)

  • Protection against lightning and excess voltage

  • Checking electrical appliances after maintenance

  • Carrying out tests on built-in systems

  • Systematic trouble-shooting methods and developing fault finding strategies

  • Evaluation of measurement readings

  • Preparation of measurement reports