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Building management systems

Smart Home Trainer by Lucas Nuelle

Electrical Power Engineering

Entering a new Era - Smart-Grid Training at the HAN
Smart Grid Laboratory at the Buffalo State University
Smart Grid Centre UKZN | Lucas-Nülle Training Systems (englisch)
Smart Grid Training Systems by Lucas-Nülle

Renewable Energies

Photovoltaic training systems by Lucas-Nülle
Wind Energy Didactic System by Lucas-Nülle

Power Electronics

Programming the LN Power Converter using Matlab Simulink
Training Systems for Electric Machines, Drives and Power Electronics by Lucas-Nülle
Power Electronics training system by Lucas-Nülle
Servo Machine Test Stand 300W 1kW Didactic System by Lucas-Nülle


UniTrain training systems by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course Ignition Systems by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course Automotive Sensors by Lucas-Nülle
LabSoft Classroom Manager Software by Lucas-Nülle

Communication Technology

Antenna Technology - by Lucas Nuelle
Radar Trainer by Lucas Nuelle

Process Control

Applied automatic control trainer by Lucas-Nülle

Electropneumatics / Hydraulics

Hydraulics and Pneumatics training system by Lucas-Nülle

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology

Open- & Closed-Loop Control in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Trainer by Lucas-Nülle
A Complete Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Training Center by Lucas-Nülle
Modular Refrigeration Trainer by Lucas-Nülle
Refrigeration Workshop by Lucas-Nülle

Automation Technology

Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 training systems by Lucas-Nülle
IMS Virtual trainer package by Lucas-Nülle
IPA Virtual training system by Lucas-Nülle
Robotic Training System by Lucas-Nülle
CIM - Computer Integrated Manufacturing training system by Lucas-Nülle
IMS Industrial mechatronics training system by Lucas-Nülle

Automotive Technology

CarTrain "Diagnosis and Maintenance of a High Voltage Battery" by Lucas Nuelle
CarTrain "Sensors, open and closed-loop control systems" by Lucas Nuelle
HEV and EV training system for ASE L3 Certification by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course Ignition Systems by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course Automotive Sensors by Lucas-Nülle
CarTrain Course Gasoline-direct-injection by Lucas-Nülle
CarTrain Course Electromobility by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course ABS TCS ESP by Lucas-Nülle
UniTrain Course Common Rail by Lucas-Nülle

Process and Chemical Engineering

Process and Chemical Engineering Trainer by Lucas-Nülle

Multimedia learning

LabSoft Classroom Manager Software by Lucas-Nülle
Interactive Lab Assistant ILA training system by Lucas-Nülle


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