Item No.: CO3212-6W

Universal rheostat for 300W machines

Universally applicable rheostat for 300W machines.

The rheostat can be used with:

  • DC motors as a field rheostat and starting resistor

  • DC generators as a field rheostat and load resistor

  • 3-phase motors for smooth starting in a Kusa circuit

  • Slip-ring rotor machines as a starting resistor

  • Synchronous generators as a load resistor


The universal rheostat includes the following components

  • Rheostat: 0...1kohm / 500W continuously adjustable with staggered winding

  • Current:
    0 - 50ohm max. 6A
    51 - 200ohm max 2A
    201- 1kohm max 0.6A

  • Resistor: 1kohm / 180W for adjusting operating range

  • Rheostat: 0...2.2kohm / 20W

  • Rectifiers for use with three-phase current

  • Dimensions: 297 x 456 x 210mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 8.3kg