Item No.: SO2805-1D

Interactive Lab Ass.: Three phase motor with Slip-ring rotors, 0.3 kW

This instruction manual makes up an Interactive Lab Assistant course. This multimedia course guides you step-by-step through the aspects of asynchronous motors with slip-ring rotors. The fundamentals are conveyed using easily understood animations. Interactive Lab Assistant, combined with virtual instruments for controlling the hardware, provides a very user-friendly experiment platform.


  • Interactive experiment set-ups
  • Measurements and graphics can be saved within the experiment instructions by means of drag and drop
  • Virtual instruments can be started directly from the experiment instruction pages themselves
  • Questions with feedback and evaluation logic for checking student progress
  • Print-compatible document for comfortable printing of experiment instructions with solutions
  • Labsoft browser, course software and virtual instruments

Training contents:

  • Motor connection
  • Reversing rotation direction
  • Manual switching
  • Machine-specific values and characteristics
  • Measurement evaluation
  • Starting
  • Speed control
  • Voltage, current and frequency in the rotor
  • Rotor frequency and speed