Item No.: SO4001-3X

CAD electrical design, docs and calcs +databases and master licence

The software includes a single licence for planning of an electrical installation. It covers planning of all areas of an electrical installation, cabling, planning and location of wiring in 2D or 3D and provides expertise for calculations and price estimates. This educationally designed planning software has the following features:

  • Planning of low-voltage systems

  • Planning of aerial systems

  • Planning of fire alarms, burglar alarms and hazard warning systems conforming to VdS standards.

  • Planning of KNX building management systems

  • Planning of data networks, telephone and video systems as well as visual and voice intercoms

  • Complete installation for cables and wiring

  • Intelligent cable harness function with design capability for network wiring

  • Planning of wiring ancillaries (conduits, cable ducts, channel etc.)

  • Automatic creation of a list detailing where wires are to be run

  • Professional 3D lightning arrester planning, earth planning, foundation earth, equipotential bonding

  • Integrated lighting calculator

  • Intelligent circuit and component selection

  • Automatic calculation for cables and wiring, including monitoring of lengths (also for data cables)

  • Collision checking

  • Power monitoring

  • Simulation of photovoltaics plus movement of sun and shadow

  • Software languages: German, English, Norwegian