Building management systems

Building management systems

Building management covers all aspects of advanced modern wiring installation. Nowadays, more and more things are being automated. In addition, such matters as energy saving, protection of the environment and safety of course have a key role to play as well. Building management systems of such a kind often consist of programmable bus systems which can be connected together as needed. The training course conveys basic knowledge and some small-scale applications can then be implemented. 

Lighting management using DALI

Lighting management nowadays means more than just flexibility, energy saving and comfort.
DALI stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” and is a protocol for digital communication between electronic lighting controls and appliances (electronic ballast units, transformers etc.).

The new comprehensive system, consisting of a controller, sensor, extender and buttons, is characterised by the option of programming with or without computers or an overarching bus system. Configuration of the bus-controlled lighting system can be handled entirely by means of the display integrated into the controller with the help of a push-button rotary switch.

Light management covers all areas of public life, including the following:

  • Living room and building lighting
  • Special effects lighting
  • Industrial and street lighting
  • Emergency and escape route lighting