Transformers – Update for the core subject of power transmission

As society proceeds with the energy transition, existing transmission lines and infrastructure are being restructured on a massive scale.

That is why the basic components of power transmission technology are harvesting renewed interest and attention. We have redesigned the "EUT Transformers” system, making it even more effective for modern deployment scenarios.

One attractive example for new transformer application methods is the transformer-less wind power stations. These exploit the impedance of the power transformer for the high voltage grid as a filter for harmonic interference. The advantage: The individual wind power plant now no longer needs its own transformer. This kind of technology, where the transformer assumes a crucial role, could be gaining in significance in the course of the energy transition. An in-depth understanding of transformers and power grid impedance is critically important for power engineers and technicians with the job of putting these systems into operation and maintaining them.

The training system "EUT Transformers" is an essential component in our portfolio on power transmission technology and modularly designed to be compatible with all other subject areas of the power engineering program of Lucas-Nülle. We have revised its individual modules and made the system more powerful for deployment in the Smart or Microgrid training and education environments. The 1 kW transformer is now equipped with variable vector groups. That way, users can examine the respective vector groups using only one transformer, without having to set up additional hardware or transformers. The high power makes it possible to achieve reproducible measurement readings and the operating response of the components more realistic.

In the software area, the e-learning course also provides more training material for a better systems understanding of transformers as part of the Smart Grid. Naturally, the system is also compatible with SCADA so that students can use the EUT transformer to analyse applications from the real power grid and can visualise their own experiments in the Smart Grid.


- 21.01.2022