Experimental basic training

The successful foundation for every electrician and electronics technician

Gaining an understanding of the interconnected complexity of the different areas of application in electrical engineering is only possible with sound basic training. The plug-in system has proved itself as a methodical and practical training tool. The EloTrain system from Lucas-Nülle allows you to integrate this elementary basic training seamlessly into your digital training programme.

The EloTrain 2-mm plug-in system for UniTrain: Introduction and transition to numerous electrical engineering and electronics topics.

What are the differences between direct and alternating current? What are semiconductors, diodes or transistors? What kind of basic circuits are there and how do they work? These are the questions with which any electrical engineering and electronics training begins. Only those who acquire the necessary basic knowledge in this area will be able to make progress. Lucas-Nülle offers you a multimedia solution that also opens the door to an extensive digital training programme.

What does this solution look like? The multimedia EloTrain 2-mm plug-in system from Lucas-Nülle embeds basic training in the digital experimentation environment of UniTrain. Structured course software consisting of text, graphics, animations and knowledge tests serves to guide learners through experiments that directly combine theory with practical learning tasks. Various virtual instruments are directly integrated into the system, enabling learners to take real-time measurements without the need for additional tools. The system’s safety extra-low voltage makes it ideal for use in lessons.

The plug-in modules contain both passive and active electronic components which can be easily inserted into the plug-in board. Cables or jumpers can be used to make connections to other nodes, components or measuring instruments. The transparent cases of the plug-in modules ensure that the components are clearly visible. This helps learners gain a better understanding of the design of real components.

Whether it’s direct, alternating or three-phase current, basic electronic circuits or sequential circuits, optoelectronics or the basics of digital technology, this system allows you to provide a methodologically consistent and practically relevant introduction to all these topics. The UniTrain system also facilitates a seamless transition from the basics to over 130 more advanced multimedia courses covering the entire spectrum of electrical engineering, including automotive electronics. Another important feature is that you can easily integrate the digital learning content into your personal digital learning management.

The handy 4-mm plug-in system

Lucas-Nülle also continues to offer you the classic EloTrain 4-mm plug-in system. Apart from the feel, this system differs from the 2-mm solution with UniTrain in other ways too. For example, the 4-mm version requires external measuring instruments. This allows learners to use conventional equipment such as an oscilloscope or a multimeter. Since the system also needs different voltage sources, Lucas-Nülle supplies the plug-in system with the Multi Power Supply developed in-house. However, the 4-mm system is not part of our multimedia training portfolio. Unfortunately, this system does not therefore allow you to embed basic training in your digital learning management.

But no matter whether it’s the classic system with the 4-mm modules or the digitally interconnected 2-mm system, the experimental approach of EloTrain has proven itself as a practically orientated entry point to vocational training for decades and now successfully supports young people in over 100 countries around the world as they commence their careers in the world of electrical engineering and electronics.

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- 10.12.2020