Fundamentals of PLC programming with UniTrain

Introduction to programming logic controllers

An introduction to programming logic controllers is now also possible with our practical experiment boards. The UniTrain solution makes it easier for students to get started on topics such as memory and function blocks, logical links, analog value processing and sequential control. As usual, protective low voltage allows users to work safely with the UniTrain system at all times.

The system consists of two experiment boards. The PLC trainer reproduces PLC functionality by providing all important inputs and outputs on a specially developed board. A total of eight digital inputs and outputs with status LED and simulation buttons are available to the student. The board also offers eight analog inputs and four analog outputs with a voltage of 0-10 volts or an amperage of 4-20 milliamperes. In addition, the board offers two sub-D connectors with separate address ranges for data transmission. Last but not least, three LAN ports connected via a switch enable loading of control programs using CODESYS, as well as connection of additional controllers.

The PLC application board allows you to realize a variety of applications. One part of the board provides the student with logic-operation and memory blocks. Also available is a 7-segment display and a section with analog sensors and actuators. Included here are a temperature and light sensor, as well as a light-emitting diode and an electric motor. The board's fourth section furthermore allows students to implement traffic-light control at a small traffic junction.

In addition to the application board, the PLC trainer allows you to control external modules. Available here, inter alia, are the LN elevator model and conveyor belts from our Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory) system. Of course, you can also use all other sensors and actuators possessing analog or digital inputs/outputs to create your own learning units for the system.

As always, users can simultaneously avail of our LabSoft e-learning software in their experiments. In addition to explaining and visualizing all the basic functions of a PLC, the course also deals with function plan, contact plan and structured text which are used as programming languages in CODESYS. To create your own learning units, you additionally need our LabSoft Classroom Manager software suite. However, you can also import the course's contents into any other learning management system via HTML5.

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- 04.06.2020