Control at the touch of a button? Even better!

A training solution for gesture control and capacitive sensor technology in automotive training

Smartphones are increasingly shaping the usage behaviour of all generations. Nowadays, the usability of the user interface is a crucial argument for the success of a car. And the expectations are even growing: Switching between a mobile device and the vehicle user interface must work increasingly fluid. Touchscreens and gesture control are therefore indispensable in the operating concepts of modern vehicles.

With the training system "Gesture control and capacitive touchscreens", Lucas-Nülle provides a simple way to integrate these technologies into training. Using our UniTrain system, you will be able explain the basics of the technologies and provide the necessary diagnostic skills for operating concepts in modern cars.  

The centrepiece of the training system is a gesture control system with many practical tasks that help trainees to learn the function and diagnosis of the system. In addition, you will also be able to train the functionality of capacitive touch surfaces and to discuss the differences to resistive systems using this trainer.

The accompanying course software contains numerous diagnostic tasks that you can connect to the training system fully automatically. The learner must then independently develop a diagnostic strategy to localize the fault. With this combined solution, you can implement a practical e-learning and provide an easy introduction to the subject of modern operating systems.

- 26.02.2020