Item No.: CO4203-3B

EloTrain Experimenter

EloTrain Experimenter for 2-mm plug-in component system to be linked to UniTrain-I Interface. 70 nodes allow for easily understood circuit set-ups in a compact space. Circuits are built by inserting the plug-in modules between nodes on the board. Connections between nodes can be made using 2-mm or 7.5-mm jumpers.  

  • Links to a UniTrain-I Interface
  • Fixed and variable power supply connections via 2-mm sockets
  • For use with 2-mm plug-in components 
  • 70 nodes each with 9 x 2-mm sockets 
  • 7.5-mm grid for 2-mm sockets 
  • 4 bus lines for power supply (+15 V,+5 V, -15 V, earth) via 2-mm sockets
  • Outputs for variable three-phase power supply
  • Ergonomic working thanks to console housings
  • Suitable for accommodating in training panel frames for DIN A4 training panels
  • Contact loading: max. 10 A 
  • Dimensions: 363 x 297 x 85 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg