Item No.: SO2802-3G

Interactive Lab Assistant: Control of a position and angle control system

Experiment instructions take the form of an Interactive Lab Assistant course. This multimedia course guides students step by step through the topic "Closed-loop control of a position and angle control system". Physical principles are conveyed by means of easily understood animations. Along with virtual instruments, the Interactive Lab Assistant presents a comfortable environment for your experiments.


  • Interactive set-up instructions for experiments
  • Measurements and graphics can be copied to the instruction pages by means of “drag and drop”.
  • Virtual instruments can be run directly from the instruction pages
  • Questions with feedback and assessment logic for testing students’ knowledge
  • Printable document so that you can easily print out experiment instructions along with solutions
  • Labsoft browser, course software and virtual instruments
  • Course duration: 10 h approx.

Training contents:

  • Position control of an integral action plant
  • Angle control using standard controller types
  • Control system analysis
  • Closed loop control of the inverted pendulum using standard controller types
  • Extension of the control loop for a single-input-multiple-output-system