Training in Technology

„We focus all our efforts on our clients and employees“

Being the barometer of our market performance, the customer holds a special place. The success of our client relationships is based on the mutual understanding gained from long-term partnerships. It is the professional and social competence, the cooperation and personal commitment of our staff that ensures the success of our company. Our teamwork derives from a team spirit that is lived out and anchored in a company based on a lean organisational structure.

„Committed to technology and quality“

For more than 40 years, Lucas-Nülle has been developing and producing sophisticated high-quality training systems in Kerpen near Cologne. These systems cover areas such as:

Electrical Wiring Electropneumatics and Hydraulics
Electrical Power Engineering Instrumentation
Renewable Energies Refrigeration Technology
Drive Technology Microcontrollers
EloTrain - Plug-in System Automation
Communications Technology Automotive Technology
Process Control Laboratory Systems

Lucas-Nülle training systems are deployed throughout the world where they are seen as the benchmark for quality, efficiency and technology.