SybaPlanning - Laboratory planning tools

The user-friendly laboratory planning tools from Lucas-Nülle open up a new dimension in the planning and configuration of technical laboratories.

The online room planning software pCon.planner and the EKK power outlet configuration program are easy-to-use tools with which you can plan innovative labs and view them in a 3D representation.

The pCon.planner room planning software is linked to an online catalogue of Lucas-Nülle laboratory systems. It supports a variety of output formats and can be exported as 2D or 3D projects to well known graphics programs. It is even possible to see a 3D visualisation of a planned laboratory from multiple views, including a “fly-over”.

The EKK power outlet configuration tool makes it easy to plan the power supply fitting for a laboratory bench. Various equipment and systems can be individually added and put together to match the needs of the laboratory in question. By means of a built-in database of Lucas-Nülle’s "SybaPower" laboratory power supply systems, any of the products from Lucas-Nülle’s range may be used.

„p.Con-planer“is a free and user-friendly software program for planning laboratories. It is simple and intuitive to use. Pre-configured layouts from the associated Lucas-Nülle online database supplement your planning and will provide you in a handful of steps with a realistic overall view of your laboratory as it will be.
The EKK power outlet configuration program provides substantial help in planning the layout of power outlets in your laboratory. The design can be rapidly and flawlessly put together using drag & drop without the need for complex and time-consuming calculations. One additional advantage is that the program offers you a picture of your planned design which is completely true to life.