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How to impart active lane assist systems in technical and vocational education and training.

As we proceed on our journey to autonomous driving, more and more vehicles come with active lane assist systems as standard equipment. The driver assistance system is an important component in modern vehicle engineering concepts and thus also a subject for vocational and advanced training programs. But just like with other driver assistance systems, the hands-on vocational training on this topic is difficult to implement. A vehicle that interacts with its road environment can no longer be studied in isolation inside the repair shop.

With a digitally networked training system, practical training in the area of driver assistance systems can be carried out in the classroom without losing the hands-on aspect involved in maintenance and component calibration. Whether it be a passive lane-keeping assistant monitoring the car lane via the front camera and warning the driver if necessary or the active car lane assistant that automatically returns the vehicle to the middle of the lane: with the ‘active lane assist’ compact training system, which is based on the UniTrain system, you can tackle both topics easily in your training shop facility.

Integrating the Active Lane Assist system hands-on in vocational training

Trainees have at their disposal a comprehensive hardware package including front camera and calibration target that are used to train hands-on skills in putting the driver assistance system into operation and calibrating it. The calibration is performed using special diagnostics software and requires no mechanical adjustments of the camera itself. Thanks to the variety of road segments available, the trainee can test the lane assist system in different driving situations and evaluate this using the analytical tools in the diagnostic software. The E-learning course included in this provides the theoretical background information needed – using interactive material enriched with numerous videos and animations. The integrated fault simulations provide an added boost to the practical aspects of the system.

Besides the Active Lane Assist, Lucas-Nülle also provides all other essential driver assistance systems needed for vocational training. All training solutions are based on the UniTrain system. That means not only short set-up times but also makes a thorough and systematic approach possible to vocational training, covering not only driver assistance systems but also many other topics in automotive technology.

- 20.08.2021