More networking and design possibilities

The new SybaNet lets you take the networking of your electrical lab to a new level! And in terms of design, things have got more colourful.

Digital? The new normal! - this also applies to electrical labs. We have overhauled the SybaNet and equipped it for the future. From now on, you will not only be able to operate the student workstations from the instructor's workstation but will have control from anywhere in the lab via a tablet. The mobile terminal is connected with the autonomous network via a WLAN adapter. An improved user interface also makes working with the short-circuit-proof lab network more straightforward.

Improved power outlet configuration

In order to plan the power outlet for your laboratory's workstations, simply use the free power outlet configuration tool on the Lucas-Nülle website. Here you will also find the updated Automotive Technology student/instructor measurement station with improved internal networking.

Are you considering reorganizing your rooms as a whole? Our lab planning tools are useful little helpers!

More design possibilities

There's also a new visual standard: from now on the fronts of our lab furniture will feature a stylish anthracite colour. Plus there are also new options for those who want a unique design for their laboratories. With a standard colour range to choose from, our SybaLab now allows you to customize the design of your lab furniture. Last but not least, there is a new range of workstation lighting and furniture options, as well as a base height adjustment mechanism on many models for easier adaptation to your individual laboratory facilities.


- 28.10.2020