Learning to service and maintain the cable harness on the training system

It is one of the absolute core competencies needed in automotive technology: The servicing and repair of the cable harness is one of the standard skills every trainee needs to master to be a car mechanic. At the same time, the sheer number of potential faults affecting it continues to grow. Thinner wire cross-sections and terminals, the high transmission speeds of very sensitive signals, increasingly limited accessibility spacing making access to parts more difficult, not to mention complicated electronic networking all ensure that servicing and repairing the cable harness is becoming more and more difficult. 

Lucas-Nülle provides an equipment set containing all the components needed for harness servicing which ideally complement an array of modular training systems. Link to the set: CO3223-7T

The corresponding eLearning course SO2803-3E explores all of the standard conventional methods, components and tools involved. The upshot is that with this training system, instructors can easily and efficiently impart all the theoretical and practical know-how and skills needed for servicing and maintaining the cable harness.

This set is the ideal supplement to other Lucas-Nülle training systems from the areas of lighting and engine management. However, this set can, in principle, be used by teachers and instructors with any training system equipped for cable connections using 4-mm safety leads. In this case, the leads can be replaced by user-configurable connecting leads.


- 14.07.2020