Teaming up with the Digital Transformation Alliance for vocational training and education in Cameroon and Africa

With immediate effect, Lucas-Nülle GmbH will be partnering as a training and education partner with the Digital Transformation Alliance (DTA) in developing digitalization projects. The aim of the alliance is to promote the digitalization of industry, infrastructure, education and administration with a focus on Africa. In each of these areas, the DTA provides assistance in the form of promising research, technologies and business ideas. The DTA sponsors networks of prominent companies, scientists and decision-makers from Europe, America and Africa in order to facilitate the success of local innovations in global markets and thereby help write African success stories.

The Lucas-Nülle GmbH will support the DTA by developing projects related to the digitalization of training and education for technicians and engineers. This includes consultation for the design of training centres and the training concepts used there. In June, Andreas Hart, Managing Director of Lucas-Nülle, and Prof. Mbang Sama, Founder of the DTA, signed the corresponding letter of intent. “We are very excited about our combined potential in this very promising partnership and hope that as a team we can continue to advance the digitalization of training and education”, highlights Andreas Hart.

- 13.07.2020