Quick assistance for SCADA designers

That is what the SCADA Designer Tutorial promises.

Quick assistance with application-related queries: that is what the SCADA Designer Tutorial promises. Thanks to the course, all Lucas-Nülle SCADA users will benefit from simplified day-to-day use of the monitoring, control and data capture software for power engineering systems. In particular, users who go beyond using the SCADA Viewer and work with the enhanced SCADA Designer license sometimes have specific application-related queries. The tutorial provides the answers.

„Experience has shown, for example, that connecting the Lucas-Nülle SCADA with external hardware or with tools such as MATLAB via SCADA OPC repeatedly leads to queries,“ author Marcela Isaza explains. She created the tutorial in collaboration with product manager Fabian Schwarz. „While the Lucas-Nülle SCADA has a very lean and user-friendly structure for didactic use, specifically integrating it into special laboratory structures can nevertheless be a complex process,“ says Isaza.

The SCADA Designer Tutorial now provides an uncomplicated first port of call in such cases. The tutorial explains many applications of SCADA functions using videos which go beyond the standard help that comes with every virtual instrument and program. The course lets users gain a complete overview of the SCADA Designer or directly select individual tutorials on special functions.

Especially for projects and research work, the Designer - with the Panel Designer - offers a training tool for creating individual operating and display elements for SCADA. The logging over time of all available values and statuses is possible with the SCADA Logger. Last but not least, the program‘s SCADA PLC facilitates the development and programming of complex control systems and controllers.


- 23.06.2020