OPAL-RT Simulations

Successful cooperation makes simulation tangible

Thanks to a successful cooperation with OPAL-RT, now complex simulations are possible with Lucas-Nülle's Power Engineering Training systems.

The new system integrates modern hardware-in-the-loop simulation tools from OPAL-RT with the practical training systems from Lucas-Nülle. On the one hand, this increases the range of applications for the Lucas-Nülle power engineering systems, especially in higher education. On the other hand, the cooperation offers OPAL-RT users the opportunity to test their own simulations on authentic hardware.


Modular Reconfigurable Microgrid
PHIL Laboratory:

  • Simulate, observe and control the power flow of the
    interactive real-time Microgrid Simulation System
    running a high-accuracy real-time simulation of a
    complete grid/microgrid network and DERs. Design
    your own microgrid network topology or modify an
    existing one
  • Interact with real DER modules provided by Lucas-Nülle training system (photovoltaics, wind turbine,
    batteries, loads) by using the innovative OPAL-RT
    4-Quadrant PHIL Amplifier.


- 02.04.2019