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Network technology and cybersecurity: A theme in ever more skilled professions

Network technology is spreading across the world: Houses and cars, factories and electricity grids are now intelligent and share more and more information.

Modern computer science no longer just takes place in front of computers flickering in dark rooms, but has deeply pervaded our everyday lives and occupations. In addition to professional computer scientists, specialists in automation technology, building technology, as well as automotive, equipment and industrial engineering are impacted by this development: Their tasks now also include ensuring smooth and safe functioning of all communication channels.


Dependable learning with Lucas-Nülle in an autonomous network

Effective instruction in network technology and security requires full access to network infrastructure. This cannot be reconciled with the reality of the numerous security guidelines of most educational institutions. Lucas-Nülle's UniTrain course titled "Networking and cybersecurity" offers an independent, local network in which your trainees have all access rights.

This course explains important network protocols and deals with the security aspects of various network services. The devices inside the educational network comprise fully-fledged, embedded PCs whose operating system runs in a security container. A simple push of a button suffices to reset the operating system after a faulty configuration or unavoidable hacker attack.


Flexible use at places ranging from vocational schools to universities

Group sizes are irrelevant: You can add any number of participants to the educational network. Integration of multiple kits or inclusion into the school network is also possible.

The embedded PCs run on Linux, but don't worry: Control is performed via a graphical interface! However, users with a knowledge of Linux will have many more options available, thus allowing use of the educational system right up to university level.

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- 23.08.2018