Ease Smart Home with LN

Perfectly prepared for the new challenges of building automation

Comfort, security, individuality and energy saving: the Smart Home has become synonymous with the possibilities offered by modern building management systems. The Smart Home is extolled everywhere, not just in specialist shops, but at DIY superstores, discount dealers and on the Internet. However, there is hardly any expert advice available. For creating a Smart Home is not quite as simple as the adverts make out. In the end, this discrepancy will in particular confront the installation technicians who are tasked with technical implementation in the building. And by extension this also impinges on the instructors.

Anyone who looks at the subject in more detail will soon come across the challenges: a great many manufacturers offer countless systems and devices which, of course, cannot be combined any way you want. It is impossible to familiarize yourself with all these systems in detail. That is why Lucas-Nülle has developed a training system that explains the principle and mode of operation of the Smart Home in a non-manufacturer-specific way. The result is training that enables you to set up any Smart Home system.

Optimal training for the Smart Home

Building automation brings with it entirely new challenges for building systems management. This includes interconnection and control as well as the visualization of lighting, heating, solar power and security, along with audio and TV systems and telecommunication systems.

All of this is covered by Lucas-Nülle in a way that explains the principle and mode of operation as well as the application and use – and above all the potential – of the Smart Home. The LN training systems are equipped with the latest technologies and systems, thereby helping you to integrate the Smart Home into your training. Technically sound specialist literature in the form of multimedia courses is supplied along with the hardware. You will therefore be optimally equipped to keep yourself up to date and provide your students with up-to-date training.

What is a Smart Home?

The interconnection of all appliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) is the basis of a Smart Home. Appropriate programming of systems ultimately allows the actual objective – building automation – to be achieved. In other words, processes are adapted to meet individual user requirements. The microcontrollers integrated into the appliances constitute a crucial technical element. They control the appliances and make it possible to operate everything via a tablet, PC or smartphone.

- 20.03.2018