What can the new multi-function power supply do?

The new generation of the well established multi-function power supply is now available, but what can the new power supply for the 4-mm EloTrain system do that its predecessor could not?

2 LCD displays

Now there is a separate LCD display for the function generator and another for the variable DC source, which allow the voltage to be read off directly from either source. The current output of the DC source and the frequency of the function generator are also displayed.

Adjustable current limiting

The adjustable current limiting for the variable DC source means that plug-in components have the best possible protection against excess current.

Even safer experimenting

The new multi-function power supply is fully short-circuit-proof and protected against all feedback current. The equipment outputs safety extra-low voltage in compliance with EN 61010. Resettable fuses safely cut off any excess current, meaning that it is no longer necessary to replace any blown fuses.

Controllable via PC

The multi-function power supply can be connected to a PC and all of its functions can be operated easily by means of virtual instruments. This is particularly practical if the equipment is used in Lucas-Nülle training panel frames or when you or your students need to demonstrate something quickly.

The multi-function power supply is suitable for training in the fundamentals of automotive technology and electrical engineering. The product and full technical details may be found here.

- 30.03.2016