Item No.: CO3221-7F

TruckTrain "Smart Farming 4.0 incl. Precision Farming with Section Control (ISO bus)"

This training system from the TruckTrain series focuses on the topic of "Smart Farming 4.0" based on the ISO bus. Special attention is paid to the function of "Precision Farming with Section Control", which is implemented in the hardware in a practical and interactive way. Through numerous measuring points and comprehensive fault simulations, the learner has the unique opportunities to experience this topic in a compact and easy to use training system with maximum practical relevance. This is achieved in particular through the use of original components and the complete integration of the ISO and J1939 bus. All the necessary and relevant theory is taught in the associated e-learning course in a target group-oriented manner using high-quality animations and videos. Thus, the tractor including the seed drill is moved into the classroom and enables the simulation of "Precision Farming" outside the field. 

Learning contents 

  • Function of "Precision Farming" and dealing with modern measuring instruments
  • Analysis of data transmission systems
    • Telemetry Systems - GPS
    • CAN bus
    • J1939
    • ISOBUS
    • Implement Bus
  • Determine system states with the help of diagnostic systems
  • Compare information from databases and evaluate results
  • Creation of map material on the central server
  • Data transfer central server to tractor
  • Tractor and implement components
  • Power Link Box
  • Working relay
  • Universal Terminal
  • AUX devices
  • Incab socket
  • ISOBUS socket
  • Diagnostic socket
  • TECU
  • Implement ECU
  • Sensors / actuators
  • Active and passive termination resistors
  • Information flow in the processes typical for the industry in networked systems
  • Job Preparation
  • Fieldwork with GPS
  • Transfer of map material into the terminal
  • Expansion stages of the TC-SC
  • Use networking plans and debugging programs
  • Limiting, determining and evaluating faults and their causes in data transmission systems
  • Identify sources of faults in electrical and electronic components of networked systems by testing and measuring
  • Documenting and evaluating faults in test reports, and presenting possibilities for remedying them
  • Perform resetting and basic settings on systems and adjust learning values
  • Ensure compatibility of systems according to customer requirements, taking into account manufacturer specs
  • Check and update software versions
  • Universal Terminal (UT)
  • Tractor Implement Management (TIM)
  • ISB Log
  • Farm Management Information System (FMIS)
  • Task controller (TC)

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