Item No.: CO4205-1E

Course: LIDAR, Light Detection and Ranging

This training system offers you the opportunity to become familiar with the topic area of "Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)" systems and to acquire important diagnostic skills for this modern driver assistance system. The hardware is comprised of a real LIDAR module, which optimally reproduces the way LIDAR systems operate in the motor vehicle. Unlike the system inside the motor vehicle, this LIDAR system has been structurally designed as open as possible and thus permits the trainee to have a unique look inside at the system's design and function. Thanks to the accompanying e-learning course this subject is explored in-depth with its many illustrations and animations.
A particular focus, however, is on the area of diagnostics. Thanks to a variety of fault scenarios which can be enabled by the trainee via the e-learning course, it is possible to become familiar with faults and malfunctions that are typical in such systems. Using the calibration table provided, the trainee can even carry out LIDAR system calibrations in the classroom. This knowledge can then be applied directly while carrying out work on a real motor vehicle. Thus this course constitutes the perfect preparation needed to carry out LIDAR diagnostics and calibration on a real car. 

Please bear in mind that the UniTrain Interface 3 (CO4203-2A) is needed for this course. 

Training contents:

  • Basics of the driver assistance system
  • What driving autonomously means
  • Physical fundamentals of light and lasers
  • Safety guidelines when using lasers
  • Design and function of LIDAR systems in the motor vehicle
  • Measurement methods and the properties of reflection
  • Signal processing and peripheral detection
  • Networked driver assistance system and system architecture

Practical work:

  • Calibration of the LIDAR system with a calibration table
  • CAN-bus diagnostics
  • Diagnostics in the power supply system
  • Diagnostics in the actuator system