Item No.: CO3620-2A

Universal digital controller (DSP)

Robust and compact training system for a DSP-based digital controller. The controller can be operated very easily thanks to its easily understood menu navigation system. It can be connected to a computer via its USB port. The system can also be enhanced with a MATLAB-interface. This allows you to create your own applications and test them using real hardware components.

  • Controller topology: two-position, three-position, P, I, D, PID, PII
  • Two independent controllers which can be cascaded or used individually
  • Graphic-capable, backlit display
  • Three soft keys and a function selector wheel for operation parameter setting and configuration
  • PC connection via USB port
  • PC software for parameter setting and visualisation of controller signals using the following virtual instruments:
    • Two-position controller
    • Three-position controller
    • PID controller
    • Cascade controller
    • Step-response plotter
    • Bode plotter
    • Control loop analyser
  • Port for connecting MATLAB (JTAG)
  • 4 Analog inputs with +/-10 V measuring range
  • 2 Analog outputs rated for up to +/-10 V
  • 2 Digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
  • All inputs and outputs via 4-mm safety sockets
  • Input for incremental sensor
  • CAN bus interface for expansion of controller
  • Potentiometer for setting reference voltage
  • Built-in wide-range power supply
  • Dimensions: 297 x 228 x 110 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 1 kg