Item No.: SO6001-7G

IPA Virtual Compact Station (School license)

IPA Virtual is a PC-based, graphic simulation system, which provides the virtual learning environment for the Industrial Process Automation IPA1 training system. This system is programmed like the real model using STEP 7 and is controlled via the “PLCSIM” software. Furthermore, the model can be operated with the integrated controllers without any additional software. The system covers all relevant areas from commissioning the compact workstation all the way to control loop optimisation. The program developed to operate the simulation system can be uploaded for work directly with the real compact station.

The following process control technology models are integrated into the simulation system:

  • Automatic pressure control
  • Automatic flow-rate control
  • Automatic filling level control
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic cascade control of filling level


Special features:

  • Parameterisation, programming and commissioning of chemical processing plants
  • Central operation and monitoring of plants and processes
  • Familiarisation with operation and system configuration of a production plant
  • Model realistic malfunctions in process simulations
  • Graphic animation of filling levels and flow rates
  • All of the indicators, like pressure and flow-rate are displayed as values
  • Integrated connection to PLCSIM permits programming with STEP7
  • Integrated continuous (PID) and discontinuous (two-position) controller
  • Characteristics plotter records all measured values over time
  • Graphic evaluation of measured values for calculating optimum controller parameters
  • Integrated operator panel including all of the pushbuttons, switches and signalling lights required to operate the system
  • For troubleshooting purposes various malfunctions, for example, defective sensors and actuators can be simulated
  • Simulations are in real time


System prerequisites:

  • Personal computer with Windows 7 Professional/8/10 operating systems, STEP7 Professional (contained in the STEP7 trainer package)
  • CD-ROM harddisk for software installation
  • 250 MB minimum free harddisk memory
  • 2 GB Ram minimum
  • CPU, 2 GHz clock frequency