Item No.: CO4204-6J

Course - Microcomputer technology 2: Applications and programming


  • 1 Experiment card with integrated development environment and plexiglass cover
  • Programmable LCD display
  • Applied circuit: crossroads with traffic lights
  • 8 digital input/outputs with status LED
  • 4 buttons and 4 switches for programming
  • LDR and controllable LED for application program
  • 40-pin extension interface
  • Storage case
  • Labsoft browser and course software

Course contents:

  • Operation of program editor
  • Understanding and writing assembler programs
  • Designing and running input programs
  • Investigation of running programs
  • Programming counters and loops
  • Creating programs for alpha-numeric display output
  • Debugging programs
  • Programming sub-routines and interrupts
  • Programming and analysing traffic light control
  • Creating programs to process analog variables
  • Writing programs for serial data transmission
  • Introduction to techniques for error analysis and their application
  • Course duration 8 h approx.