Item No.: CO4204-6H

Course - Microcomputer technology 1: Fundamentals of computer technology


  • 1 Experiment card with plexiglass cover, 32-bit CPU MC68332, emulator for Intel 8085 microprocessor and external access to address bus, data bus and ports, LED display of logic levels of address bus, data bus and ports
  • RS 232 serial interface for connecting external components
  • 40-pin extension interface with complete access to address bus, control bus and data bus
  • Storage case
  • Labsoft browser and course software

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the architecture of a microcontroller
  • Explanation of how a microprocessor works and of its components (ALU, registers, stack, command decoder, program counter)
  • Identification of hardware components on the experiment card
  • Introduction to the design of an Intel 8085
  • Introduction to the memory system for a microprocessor
  • Introduction to the various microcomputer buses
  • Read-out of data on address, control and data buses
  • Introduction to the instruction set of the CPU
  • Writing programs for simple computing operations
  • Tracing and analysis of individual programs
  • Explanation of differences between linear and branched programs
  • Writing your own assembler programs
  • Course duration 5 h approx.