Item No.: SO6001-8A

If you teach hydraulics, pneumatics or electrical engineering, the visual presentation of concepts and the response of systems is perhaps the most essential requirement.

The Automation Studio™ software solution from Famic Technologies meets the most stringent demands for technical education and is now being used in thousands of educational establishments all over the world. This unique software provides intuitive operation, animations, simulation and system analysis in a versatile and user-friendly platform. It enables training personnel to present more content in the same amount of time, to improve understanding of concepts and diagnostic capabilities and offers schools, education centres and universities an optimum return on investment.

Fluid Power Package EDU with the following contents:

-Proportional hydraulics
-Proportional pneumatics
-Mechanical linkages
-Electrical control systems
-Digital technology
-Flow diagrams (SFC/GRAFCET)
-PLC contact plan (Siemens)
-OPC client
-Diagnostics and error handling

Software supplied solely in conjunction with our ILA courses

Your contact information will be forwarded to Famic Tech. for licensing with Automation Studio.  On the one hand this confirms the legitimacy of your license, on the other hand it checks export restrictions on the part of the manufacturer.