Item No.: SO2801-5A

Interactive Lab Assistant: Fundamentals of hydraulic circuits

The test instruction is an interactive lab assistant course. This multimedia course leads step by step into the topic of hydraulics. Basics are conveyed by easy to understand pictures. The interactive lab assistant forms a comprehensive experimental environment together with the question section.

special features:

  • interactive test setups
  • measured values and graphics can be saved in the test instructions via drag and drop
  • questions with feedback and evaluation logic for knowledge status control
  • print document for convenient printout of the test instructions with solutions
  •  Course software

learning content:

Occupation-specific specialist qualifications, e.g. the manufacture, assembly and disassembly of assemblies and systems, should be taught integrated with core qualifications, e.g. the planning and organisation of work and the evaluation of work results. Business processes and quality assurance systems in the area of application are, among other things, learning contents of the occupation-specific technical qualification.

  • understand physical laws and technical relationships (surface, pressure, force, work and performance).
  • be able to explain hydraulic devices in terms of function, design, practical mode of operation and possible applications
  • be able to read and understand circuit symbols and circuit diagrams
  • know the basic controls of the hydraulics and be able to assemble assemblies according to circuit diagrams that have been worked out
  • know the types, properties, requirements and applications of hydraulic fluids
  • principles of the test procedure
  • detailed test description
  • knowledge test
  • generation of the inspection result
  • experiment commissioning
  • experiment pressure relief valve
  • experiment directional control valve
  • experiment throttle valve
  • experiment inlet throttling
  • experiment system pressures
  • experiment pressure reducing valve