Item No.: SE2905-1F

Basic level Pneumatics (in accordance with BIBB)

The pneumatics equipment set is designed for implementing training objectives and covering training content in industrial and commercial advanced training and applies to train the fundamentals of pneumatics using real industrial components. Single and double-action cylinders, 3/2-directional, 4/2-directional, 5/2-directional and 5/3-directional valves, flow-control valves, non-return valves, one-directional flow control valves, exhaust-air restriction, quick exhaust valves, pneumatic-type amplifier, reflection nozzle, pneumatic logic valves, time delay valves.
Consists of:

1 x Filter regulator 3/2-directional valve, 0.2 to 10 bar
1 x Pneumatic manifold, 6-fold
1 x Single-action cylinder, d = 25 mm, h = 50 mm
2 x Double-action cylinder, d = 25 mm, h = 100 mm
1 x Manometer 0 to 10 bar
3 x 3/2-directional valve, pushbutton
1 x 3/2-directional valve, with pushbutton, open when unactuated (NO) 
1 x 5/2-directional valve, with spring-action reset, pneumatically actuated
2 x 3/2-directional, roller lever
1 x 3/2-directional valve, with spring-action reset
3 x 5/2-directional pulse valve, pneumatically actuated
1 x 5/3-directional valve, centre lock position, pneumatically actuated
1 x 3/2-directional valve, adjustable, 2 to 8 bar
1 x 2/2-directional valve, time-delayed, 2 to 30 s
1 x Shuttle valve, OR valve
2 x Dual-pressure valve, AND valve
2 x One-directional flow control valve
1 x Quick exhaust valve
1 x Load simulator d = 25 mm, h = 100 mm, m = 3.4 kg
2 x Proximity switches, pneumatic, with mount
1 x Vacuum suction grip
2 x Non-return valve, de-lockable
1 x Storage box small
1 x Storage box large
1 x compressed air hose 4 mm
1 x compressed air hose 6 mm