Taking Advantage of Global Oppertunities

Mastering technology

Today and in the days to come, skilled workers, technicians, engineers and scientists will face the challenge of developing the know-how required not only to master modern processes and technologies, but also to comply with internationally required standards and the growing demands for quality.

Ensuring a successful future

Lucas-Nülle has devoted itself to this challenge. Working within a German tradition of demanding vocational training and engineering schooling, we have been developing and manufacturing training equipment and systems for key technologies.

Vocational training in Germany – a tradition of success

Vocational training and education in Germany can look back on a tradition rich in experience. This is true not only for professional trades and skilled workers but also for technicians and engineers.

Knowledge + practice = professional competence

A high percentage of practice-oriented vocational training leads to the technical qualifications required by trade associations and industry. Technical skill and proficient competence are the prerequisites for mastering sophisticated technologies. This calls for knowledge and ability. Performing experiments with didactically optimised equipment and systems combines theory with practice and thus ensures confident professional competence.

Concepts designed to meet the highest demands

Our didactic approach to Lucas-Nülle training systems aims to evoke the student's curiosity and enthusiasm, convey insights into technical relationships and also permit the development of practical applications.
These technical systems are supplemented by extensive, high-quality documentation, handbooks and experiment instructions designed to provide the necessary background information and demonstrate how experiments are conducted safely and successfully.